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Program Overview And Workshop Description

Covid-19 highlighted the marginalization and devaluation of older lives in a spectacularly global illustration of disenfranchisement and devaluation. In the early days of the pandemic, one could frequently hear policymakers, politicians, health professionals and others minimize the risks associated with Covid-19 since "only old people were dying." Research has shown that as a result of the pandemic, older adults have experienced disproportionate economic harm and isolation, as well as an increase in exploitation and abuse. With baby boomers moving into older age, the courts will necessarily experience an increase in cases that involve abuse. Join us for this one day virtual conference to explore the state of elder abuse since the pandemic, to highlight areas of critical import to the courts serving older adults, and to learn of promising practices that increase court efficiency and effectiveness while better serving older adult survivors of abuse in later life.

This workshop will include several keynotes, including a panel discussion with leaders in law enforcement, the courts and the community. Two opportunities for problem solving judicial workshops in criminal and civil cases will be offered.

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