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Judicial Institute on Teen Dating Violence Materials

Thank you for your interest in obtaining materials from our Judicial Institute on Teen Dating Violence. Below you will find links to download individual materials from the workshop, or you can click here to download them all.

Document Description Link Size
Additional Website ResourcesDownloadPDF 112.5 KB
Benchcards: Access to Juvenile Justice Irrespective of Sexual Orientation - National Juvenile Defender Center (2017)DownloadPDF 184.8 KB
Benchcards: Applying Principles of Adolescent Development in Delinquency Proceedings - National Juvenile Defender Center (2017)DownloadPDF 148.0 KB
Fact Sheet: 10 Tips on Talking about Healthy Relationships with Teens - The Respect Challenge (2015)DownloadPDF 140.4 KB
Fact Sheet: LGBTQ Abusive Relationships - Love Is Respect OrgDownloadPDF 228.6 KB
Fact Sheet: Understanding Teen Dating Violence - Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (2016)DownloadPDF 146.2 KB
Judicial Guides: Effective Responses to Teen Sexting: A Guide For Judges and other Professionals - Salcido Carter, L. (2012)DownloadPDF 599.0 KB
Research and Articles: Advocacy Beyond Leaving: Helping Battered Women in Contact with Current or Former Partners - Davies, J. (2009)DownloadPDF 4.0 MB
Research and Articles: Out Online: The Experiences of Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender Youth on the Internet - Gay, Lesbian & Straight Education Network (2013)DownloadPDF 4.1 MB
Research and Articles: The Digital Abuse Study: A Survey from MTV & The Associated Press-NORC Center for Public Affairs Research - Gfk Group (2013)DownloadPDF 361.4 KB
Research and Articles: Understanding the Neurobiology of Trauma and Implications for Interviewing Victims - Wilson, C., Lonsway, K. A., Archambault, J. (2016)DownloadPDF 798.1 KB
Research and Articles: Youth Sexting: Prevalence Rates, Driving Motivations, and the Deterrent Effect of Legal Consequences - Strohmaier, H., Murchpy, M., DeMatteo, D. (2014)DownloadPDF 300.7 KB
State Law: Youth Access to Protection Orders: A National Overview - Break the Cycle (2014)DownloadPDF 277.0 KB