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Enhancing Judicial Skills in Elder Abuse Cases Workshop Materials

Thank you for your interest in obtaining materials from our Enhancing Judicial Skills in Elder Abuse Cases Workshop. Below you will find links to download individual materials from the workshop, or you can click here to download them all.

Document Description Link Size
Abuse in Later Life WheelDownloadPDF 287.6 KB
Behavioral Indicators of Potential AbuseDownloadPDF 71.1 KB
Citations to APS, Institutional Abuse, and LTCOP LawsDownloadPDF 140.8 KB
Courts Responses to Individuals in Need of Services: Promising Components of a Service Coordination Strategy for CourtsDownloadPDF 394.8 KB
Domestic Abuse Later in LifeDownloadPDF 55.8 KB
Domestic Abuse Later in Life - Causation TheoriesDownloadPDF 34.7 KB
Elder Abuse Awareness KitDownloadPDF 211.1 KB
Elder Abuse Fatality Review TeamsDownloadPDF 2.8 MB
Elder Abuse Human Behavior in the Social EnvironmentDownloadPDF 113.4 KB
Facts about Law and the ElderlyDownloadPDF 367.0 KB
Future Trends in State CourtsDownloadPDF 44.5 KB
Guarding the Guardians: Promising Practice for Court MonitoringDownloadPDF 2.1 MB
Information about Laws Related to Elder AbuseDownloadPDF 32.2 KB
Isolation As A Domestic Violence Tactic In Later Life Cases: What Attorneys Need To KnowDownloadPDF 163.1 KB
Judicial Determination of Capacity of Older Adults in Guardianship ProceedingsDownloadPDF 376.8 KB
Living Situation: Threshold Eligibility Criteria for Adult Protective Services, By StateDownloadPDF 37.5 KB
Recommended Guidelines for State Courts Handling Cases Involving Elder AbuseDownloadPDF 43.8 KB
Research on Abuse Later in LifeDownloadPDF 30.7 KB
Results from a Needs Assessment Survey: Court and Judicial Needs in the Area of Elder AbuseDownloadPDF 152.3 KB
Results from an Elder Abuse Prevention Experiment in New York City. U.S. Dept. of JusticeDownloadPDF 131.8 KB
Standards of PracticeDownloadPDF 345.6 KB
Statutory Provisions Authorizing and Defining Threshold Eligibility for Adult Protective Services, By StateDownloadPDF 101.2 KB
Strategies for Court Collaboration with Service CommunitiesDownloadPDF 589.5 KB
The Admission of Evidence in Domestic Violence Cases After Crawford v. Washington: A National SurveyDownloadPDF 47.4 KB
The Parallels Between Undue Influence, Domestic Violence, Stalking, and Sexual AssaultDownloadPDF 208.4 KB
UNDUE INFLUENCE: The Criminal Justice ResponseDownloadPDF 138.1 KB