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Enhancing Judicial Skills in Domestic Violence Cases Workshop Materials

Thank you for your interest in obtaining materials from our Enhancing Judicial Skills in Domestic Violence Cases Workshop. Below you will find links to download individual materials from the workshop, or you can click here to download them all.


Access to Justice

Document Description Link Size
Checklist Ethics Responding to the MediaDownloadPDF 14.6 KB
Ensuring Fairness Justice_Non-Citizen Survivors of DVDownloadPDF 184.2 KB
Ethics Pleas & the Media Learning PointsDownloadPDF 21.1 KB
Role of the Judge in Court & Community & Learning PointsDownloadPDF 63.0 KB
State Domestic Violence OrganizationsDownloadPDF 40.1 KB

Decision Making

Document Description Link Size
DV in Indian CountryDownloadPDF 246.0 KB
Fast Takes_Summary of Issues & Learning PointsDownloadPDF 75.7 KB
Firearms FormsDownloadPDF 89.4 KB
Firearms ProhibitionsDownloadPDF 2.7 MB
Full Faith and Credit_Passport to SafetyDownloadPDF 289.3 KB
Model Policy_No ContactDownloadPDF 152.8 KB
Review of Standards - Batterer Intervention ProgramsDownloadPDF 46.4 KB
Significance of Support_Cases Involving DV - Michigan JI Bench bookDownloadPDF 222.3 KB

Fact Finding

Document Description Link Size
Cases Interpreting Crawford v. WashingtonDownloadPDF 325.4 KB
Crawford and DV articleDownloadPDF 47.4 KB
Crawford v Wash concurring opinionDownloadPDF 81.1 KB
Crawford v Wash opinion ScaliaDownloadPDF 156.4 KB
Danger AssessmentDownloadPDF 11.4 KB
Dealing with Complex Evid. of DV - Primer for Civil BenchDownloadPDF 127.6 KB
Domestic Violence Risk Assessment Bench GuideDownloadPDF 26.5 KB
Hammon_DavisDownloadPDF 133.0 KB

Fairness and Culture Issues

Document Description Link Size
Fairness & Culture Learning PointsDownloadPDF 25.7 KB
Immigrant Power and Control WheelDownloadPDF 165.7 KB
Interpreting the InterpreterDownloadPDF 158.8 KB
It's In Their CultureDownloadPDF 71.9 KB

Model Code on Domestic Violence

Document Description Link Size
Model Code on Domestic ViolenceDownloadPDF 342.0 KB

Victim & Perpetrator Behavior

Document Description Link Size
DV and Child Development - ExcerptDownloadPDF 29.0 KB
Lethality Assessment Tools_A Critical AnalysisDownloadPDF 41.0 KB
Parenting in the Context of DVDownloadPDF 765.6 KB
Power and Control WheelDownloadPDF 177.8 KB
Reexamining BatteringDownloadPDF 2.0 MB
Rules of Men Who BatterDownloadPDF 16.9 KB
Stalking Victimization in the U.S.DownloadPDF 476.6 KB
Troubling Admission of SV Records in Custody ProceedingsDownloadPDF 235.3 KB