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Continuing Judicial Skills in Domestic Violence Cases Program Materials

Thank you for your interest in obtaining materials from our Continuing Judicial Skills in Domestic Violence Cases Program . Below you will find links to download individual materials from the workshop, or you can click here to download them all.

Document Description Link Size
CJS Reference Materials ListDownloadPDF 25.5 KB

Civil Protection Order Acourt Assignment Course

Document Description Link Size
A Lawyers GuideDownloadPDF 39.9 KB
A Passport to Safety - bench guideDownloadPDF 70.4 KB
Comparison of AspectsDownloadPDF 195.9 KB
Confronting the Agency in Battered MothersDownloadPDF 354.8 KB
CPO A Guide for Improving PracticeDownloadPDF 1.3 MB

Criminal Court Assignment Course

Document Description Link Size
Case Evaluation FormDownloadPDF 12.7 KB
Crawford v Wash concurring opinionDownloadPDF 81.1 KB
Crawford v Wash opinion ScaliaDownloadPDF 156.4 KB
Domestic Violence Risk Assessment - bench guideDownloadPDF 40.9 KB
GFIC Risk Assessment CommentaryDownloadPDF 12.6 KB
Giles v CaliforniaDownloadPDF 328.5 KB
Pre-Sentence Investigations and SentencingDownloadPDF 1.3 MB
Reexamining BatteringDownloadPDF 2.0 MB

Effective Batterer Accountability Special Topic Course

Document Description Link Size
Assessing the Efficacy of Batterer Intervention Programs in ContextDownloadPDF 111.5 KB
BIP Roundtable Aug 09 reportDownloadPDF 307.2 KB
BIP Roundtable Dec 09 reportDownloadPDF 91.9 KB
Certified Batterer Intervention ProgramsDownloadPDF 138.7 KB
Evaluation of Judicial Oversight DemonstrationDownloadPDF 337.9 KB
Firearm Procedures and FormsDownloadPDF 65.3 KB

Family Court Assignment Course

Document Description Link Size
AFCC PC GuideDownloadPDF 165.4 KB
Creating Justice BalanceDownloadPDF 227.5 KB
Custody Involving Allegations DVDownloadPDF 161.2 KB
DV Screening AssessmentDownloadPDF 79.6 KB
Judicial Guide Child SafetyDownloadPDF 1,016.8 KB
Justice DV-Custody Report Sept_05DownloadPDF 1.0 MB
Misconceptions Custody_Fall03DownloadPDF 136.4 KB
Navigating GuideDownloadPDF 1.2 MB
Parenting Arrangements After DVDownloadPDF 232.4 KB
Protecting Victims-UCCJEADownloadPDF 96.1 KB
VerSteegh-Differentiating Types of Domestic ViolenceDownloadPDF 325.1 KB

Immigration & Trafficking Special Topic Course

Document Description Link Size
Alien v Sponsor Legal Enforceability of the Affidavit of SupportDownloadPDF 139.8 KB
Applying for Lawful Permanent Residence Through Family MembersDownloadPDF 56.2 KB
Creating a Helpful Record for Immigration Status for VictimsDownloadPDF 126.5 KB
Domestic Violence Ground of RemovalDownloadPDF 111.4 KB
Florida statute 39.5075DownloadPDF 65.9 KB
Florida statute Chapter 65C-9 Alien ChildrenDownloadPDF 200.5 KB
Grounds of DeportabilityDownloadPDF 317.9 KB
Helpful Protection Orders for Immigration Status for VictimsDownloadPDF 84.7 KB
Immigration Consequences of a Protection OrderDownloadPDF 106.7 KB
Immigration Consequences of Offenses Against MinorsDownloadPDF 52.6 KB
Immigration Status and Judicial DecisionmakingDownloadPDF 194.4 KB
In Re Renato Wilhelmy SanudoDownloadPDF 538.0 KB
Limited English Proficiency and the CourtsDownloadPDF 128.6 KB
Meeting the Legal Needs of Human Trafficking VictimsDownloadPDF 1.7 MB
Of Borders and Best InterestsDownloadPDF 1.9 MB
Overview of the Immigration System and LawsDownloadPDF 113.9 KB
Padilla v. Kentucky, 130 S.Ct. 1473DownloadPDF 265.3 KB
Realities for Immigration PolulationsDownloadPDF 60.4 KB
Routes to Status for Domestic Violence SurvivorsDownloadPDF 84.7 KB
Sample Immigration Safe Deferred Adjudication AgreementsDownloadPDF 127.6 KB
Special Immigrant Juvenile Status (SIJS)DownloadPDF 97.5 KB
Update on Legal Relief OptionsDownloadPDF 99.9 KB
Wong Wing v. U.S., 163 U.S. 228DownloadPDF 35.8 KB

Supervised Visitation & Safe Exchange Special Topic Course

Document Description Link Size
Accounting_for_Culture_SVPracticesDownloadPDF 39.6 KB
Admission visit recordsDownloadPDF 176.1 KB
Bar & Bench Visitation ReportDownloadPDF 396.2 KB
Helping Children ThriveDownloadPDF 735.8 KB
Illinois 2009_MethodologyDownloadPDF 1.2 MB
Killer 'Lived and Breathed' Estranged Wife's TerrorDownloadPDF 155.9 KB
Parenting Arrangements After DVDownloadPDF 232.4 KB
Strategies to Improve Supervised Visitation Services in DV CasesDownloadPDF 50.5 KB
Supervised Visitation ChartDownloadPDF 156.8 KB